Financial Stability

United Way works to empower those within the community to strive for financial security.

United Way of Junction City/Geary County works with local businesses and agencies to help promote financial education.  When we are able to make wise financial decisions today, we improve our financial standing for tomorrow.  

Each year, United Way of Junction City/Geary County works with the IRS and volunteers to provide the V.I.T.A. program to those in Geary County.  This is a free tax service to those who make less than $56,000/year.  The average cost to file taxes is between $150-$190 per return.  By providing free tax filing, individuals and families are able to use that money to provide financial stability for themselves and/or family.

According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 39% of American's carry credit card debt from month to month, and that percentage continues to increase.  With 27% of Americans not investing in retirement, financial education is needed to ensure that each and every member of the community is able to make educated and wise financial decision for their future.