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2018 campaign goal $140,000


Campaign Chairs - Sierra and Matt Jackson                                                                                                                                     Campaign Co-Chairs - Lynn and Stephen Green

Offer Your Employees the Benefit

of Giving Through a

Workplace Charitable Campaign

Over 50 local businesses understand the strength of collective giving and offer their employees the benefit of giving through a workplace charitable campaign.

Workplace charitable campaigns build upon an organization’s culture of philanthropy and social responsibility. Employees appreciate the ease and value of giving through payroll deduction. Companies that support their United Way are credited with caring about their communities, and in turn, their employees and their families.

With your help, we can create long-term positive change and gain the social and economic benefits for our community by investing today in Education, Health, and Financial Stability.

United Way of Junction City/Geary County has the scope, expertise, and influence to bring together non-profit organizations, government, businesses, private foundations and dedicated volunteers who are connected by a common vision. With your help, we can continue to implement programs, invest in solutions, build connections, and leverage existing resource to create positive change for a better tomorrow.

When employees give to a United Way workplace charitable campaign, they know their hard-earned dollars are wisely invested into...

 Quality affordable after-school programming supporting working families and growing communities in Gallatin, Madison, Meagher, Park and Sweet Grass Counties

 Coalitions that focus on early childhood to ensure our children are ready for school, achieving milestones and graduating from high school ready for college or career;

 Programs and services that help families develop their strengths as parents and providers;

 Vital health services, prescription drug discount programs, free mammograms, and dental care for low-income children and pregnant women;

 Programs that provide adults with the tools and resources to attain economic independence;

 Programs that keep seniors healthy and independent as long as is safely possible, and, so much more...


One donation to United Way of Junction City/Geary County is invested in over 15 local programs and initiatives that improve lives.


Workplace Campaigns are easy too, contact Nichole to learn how!



  • Recruit a campaign "team"
    • Team members need to believe in the mission/organization that you are fundraising for
  • Pick a time that works best for the company/employees
    • Successful workplace campaigns can be accomplished in as little as two weeks or up to a month
    • What works best for your company?  Workplace campaigns are only successful if they can be done without hurting the company. 
  • What will get your employees eager to rally behind you?
    • Often times, thinking small can have a big impact: prime parking space, extra 30 min. on lunch, leave early/come in late, extra paid day off
    • If there is an employee that likes to bake, a possible raffle item could be volunteering their time to bring in a yummy treat for the winner
    • Lunch from the boss/supervisor
  • Set a goal! (Goals can create momentum on their own!)
    • Goals can include financial, participation, pledge cards, and more
    • SHARE your goals/progress with your employee
  • Set your plan in motion
    • If this is your first workplace campaign or your 50th, each experience is a learning opportunity.




If you do not believe in what you are supporting, then neither will your employees.


If you would like advertising materials such as brochure cards, pamphlets, pledge cards, posters, and more, please contact our office at 785-238-2117



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