Our Goal

We will work together to improve people's lives, building a stronger community.  Mobilizing resources to those in need, connecting volunteers, and bringing awareness to those of Geary County. 

Our Strategy

When we focus on one area, we tend to lose the bigger picture.  Raising resources for education, funding for our partner agencies, coming together to create answers and implementing them.  United Way focuses on supportive communities, effective schools, and strong families — strategies and approaches rooted in research. Tackling the education challenge requires reframing education on a birth to 21 continuum.

How You Can Help

To reach our goal, we need your help. Volunteers to help provide meals to those who are hungry; advocates for those who have no voice; volunteers in the classroom; mentors for disadvantaged students; business leaders engaged in early childhood advocacy; ensuring that each member of the community has the tools and knowledge to provide a healthy and safe environment to grow in. Volunteer to help.  


A strong community is a thriving community.  When we are able to come together and help meet the needs of our neighbors, our children, our home, we all win.  Whether it is homelessness, hunger, education, financial literacy, all of these are cornerstones to a bright future.  Education is not only for students, as a community, we need to be educated on the struggles and needs of those around us.  The national rate of high school dropouts is more than 1.2 million children dropping out each year, America faces an education crisis. The cost? More than $312 billion in lost wages, taxes, and productivity over their lifetimes.  These trends are reversible, but only when communities and public, private and nonprofit sectors work together.

our community commitment

stuff the bus

School supplies are collected for children in USD 475, St. Xavier, and USD 473.  Supplies are distributed to the schools directly to be used throughout the year.  Cash donations are used to purchase additional supplies.


Families can apply for the Adopt-A-Backpack program.  "Backpacks" can be adopted at our live locations and at the office.  Each paper backpack has a child's specific supply needs. 

dolly parton imagination library

Age appropriate books are mailed to children (birth to age 5) each month.  Promoting early literacy helps increase test scores, attendence, and overall improvement for children entering school.


Contact United Way at 238-2117 or