Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer of The Year

Each year, United Way tries to recognize a volunteer from our community who goes above and beyond expectations in their performance of volunteer service.  We seek an individual that is affiliated with one of our partner agencies or serves through United Way itself.

Past Recipients of the Ben Kitchens' Volunteer of the Year Award

2008 - Ben Kitchens (United Way)

2009 - Ted Hayden (YMCA)

2010 - Mr. Waverly Graves (Food Pantry)

2011 - Mr. Otis Scroggins (JC Pacesetters)

2012 - Mrs. Ellen Westerhaus (Girl Scouts)

2013 - Robert Munson (United Way)

2014 - Doug Vogelsand (Food Pantry)

2015 - John Hagerty (JC Pacesetters)

2016 - Betsy Young (United Way)

2017 - Paula Hansen (CASA 8th Judicial)

2018 - Hidayah Dansby (Salvation Army)

2019 - ????