The Seal Project - Meals

United Way of Junction City/Geary County & The Seal Project


The United Way of Junction City/Geary County has taken the feedback of community members and is working to provide more direct services. In their efforts, they have studied the data and according to a recent survey, 17.2% of Geary County residents suffer from food insecurity.  There are schools in USD 475 that have a 65% or higher rate of free and reduced lunches.  Many studies have shown that food insecurity leads to other obstacles such as failing health, low grades due to lack of focus, missing work/school, leading to an increased in need of other services. 

What is The Seal Project? The Seal Project is complete meals in a bag. The only things needed to prepare the meal, would be cooking utensils, pot/pan/skillet, and a stove.  Most meals are able to feed a family of 4-8 with an average cost of $6.38 a meal. Each bag comes with a recipe card, including the prices of the ingredients so that a family will know what to purchase, and how much it will cost in the future. We currently have eight different recipes ranging from $4.29 - $11.46. We are also pleased to say that more recipes are in development. Check out our Facebook page for the latest updates.

We know that when we have access to healthy sustaining foods, we can accomplish so much. If you would like more information on how to contribute to the program, please contact the Director of The United Way of Junction City/Geary County, Nichole Mader, at 785-238-2117. 

The United Way is pleased to partner with some local organizations like USD 475, JC Naz, 1st Methodist Church, and local food pantries who offered to house some of these meal bags for our community members in need.