Often times we ask ourselves, what can I do?  What difference can one person make?  The truth is, one person can make a BIG difference!


1. $35 provides 12 hours of in-person crisis intervention for Geary County domestic violence victims.  That is under $3 a month.  ~Crisis Center

2. $5 a month can provide credit counseling presentations for a group or class.  ~Housing & Credit Counseling

3. $25 can cover the cost for a girl to join Girl Scouts.  ~Girl Scouts

4. $30 a month can provide a family of 4, nutritious food.  ~Geary County Food Pantry

5. $16 is the average cost for a military dependent  to get safe transportation to the doctor. ~Armed Services YMCA

6. $7 a month can go to purchase life saving equipment for the 4th Grade Swim Program. ~Junction City Family YMCA

7. $15 a month provides 1 person with a warm bed and food for a night.  ~Geary County Open Door.

8. $4 a day allows a child to receive a CASA advocate. ~CASA

9. $35 provides training for an athlete to join the Special Olympics.  ~JC Pacesetters

10.  $30 covers the application process so a family can have a safe environment for a visit or an exchange. ~Sunflower Bridge CASA

11.  $13 a month provides support for utilities for a family. ~Salvation Army

12.  $30 a month can provide legal services that protect a victim from continued domestic violence. ~Kansas Legal Services

13.  $28 ensures that a Little who is matched with a BIG, receives quality monthly match support. ~Big Brothers Big Sisters

14.  $7.25 pays for one Sleep Sack for a new baby. ~Delivering Change