John Lamb

John Lamb, Junction City Chief of Police

John was born in Jacksonville Florida May, 1971. He attended public school in Jacksonville and graduated from Englewood High School in 1989. John enlisted in the United States Navy in 1990 and completed six (6) years with the Navy Reserves. In 1991 John married his wife of 27 years Nanette Cruz. They have four (4) beautiful loving children, Helen, John, Gabriel, and Noah.

April 1993 John was hired as a corrections officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and December of the same year was hired as police officer. March 2001 John was promoted to Police Sergeant after scoring the highest score on his promotional exam, and in May of 2003 was promoted to Police Lieutenant after scoring in the top ten of the promotional exam. John was 32 years old when promoted to lieutenant, one of the youngest in the Agency.

As a police lieutenant John quickly began advanced career development to assist with making the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the nation. As a Commanding Officer assigned to the Community Affairs Division he was instrumental in bringing new innovative programs to the community (Teen Driver Challenge, Be Brave Gun Pledge, and Stranger Danger Safety.) John was also very involved in Crime Prevention and understood the importance of community involvement with law enforcement and with strong partnerships much success was accomplished. After working 2 ½ years in Community Affairs John was given an opportunity of commanding the Continuous Improvement Unit.  The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office under Sheriff John Rutherford was first to pioneer Lean and Six Sigma tools as it relates to law enforcement. John Lamb understood and adopted the continuous improvement philosophies and ideals and used them to make positive change in the agency. Many cost savings and value added time were enjoyed under his command. During this time John recognized that leadership and continuous improvement go hand in hand and created the “Leadership related to Continuous Improvement” curriculum for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office’s Leadership Development Institute. This training was provided to many supervisors within the agency and highlighted the benefits of servant leadership and empowering employees to make positive change.

May 2010 Sheriff John Rutherford appointed John to his staff as the Assistant Chief of Logistics and General Support in the Services Division. As the Assistant Chief, John learned much of the behind the scenes of running a large police agency. John was responsible for much of the Agency’s operating budget to include the agency’s fleet, property and evidence, supply and Civil. Under John’s command new innovative programs were implemented to address costs savings (Alternative fuel, solar power advancements, and uniform advancements.) January 2013 John was reassigned to operations as a Patrol Zone Commander. As the Zone Commander of Zone 2 (Arlington, East Arlington, and Beaches) John commanded over 160 patrol personnel to include: Patrol officers, sergeants and lieutenants, traffic unit, beach patrol, and a community problem response team. John provided police service to a population over 192,000 and addressed a large array of community issues and UCR crimes. Under John’s command he always practiced the importance of community involvement and attended a number of monthly community meetings.

John believes that there is a purpose in life for all of us. He believes God has given him this opportunity to continue his commitment as a service minded man. He truly believes that the Law Enforcement profession is a most honorable profession and he is proud of the many men and women who join with him in fighting the true evils of our time.


John Lamb

Chief of Police

Junction City Police Department

210 East Ninth St.

Junction City, KS 66441