Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson, Fire Chief at Junction City Fire Department

Junction City Fire Department (JCFD) is a proud agency and serves the City of Junction City for Fire Suppression and all of Geary County, Kansas as its Emergency Medical Services Provider.

My journey with the JCFD Began on 14 November 2016. As your Fire Chief it is my responsibility to ensure the services you receive from JCFD are the highest quality our resources can provide. Our resources come directly through the governing process to JCFD by the means of a budget. Our responsibility to use the provided resources effectively and efficiently to ensure the community receives the highest quality services we can provide.

Having a staff of 48 Firefighter/EMTs serving from two Fire Stations; a Command Staff of 4 and an Office Manger. Our personnel are most important resource and without our personnel we cannot do what we do; as we move forward we will continually strive to improve our services and work to be the best service for the community.

Having the privilege of serving the Junction City and the Geary County Community, my responsibility is not lost on the importance of a strong relationship with the community as a team we can work together to ensure our community is safe for all residents and visitors to our community.

Being your Fire Chief is a honor and privilege.

Chief Terry L Johnson, EFO